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16 November 2012

Elf Cosmetics mini haul!

Today I received my order of Elf Cosmetics, I love this brand, the things are cheap and the quality is amazing.

Starting with the nail polish, I ordered 2 packs of 3 nail polishes.

So, I bought the Mysterious Nail Polish Set and the Vacation Trio Nail Polish Set, 5€ each.
If you're interested the link is here:

The third thing I bought was a 32 Piece Eyeshadow Set.

Hope you liked it! :)


  1. received your message on ifb! im your new follower on bloglovin :) thank you!

  2. I have the same palette from elf but I haven't used it yet :) thank you so much for following my blog :) I love your blog so I am following you too :)

    1. I love elf products, they're great quality and really cheap. Thanks for following. :D


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