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30 January 2013

Dip dyed hair

So, dip dye is very popular lately, I remember when I fell in love with this, it was in the Summer of 2011 when I start my tumblr. I thought it was everywhere then, but I was wrong, now it is everywhere. Fashion bloggers, models, celebrities, we can see this wherever we go, I love it so much. I do have it and it was a great decision.

  • Light Dip Dye

But now I'm thinking of going a little bit bolder, like blue, pink, purple.

  • Bold Dip Dye

If you love this bold dip dye but you're afraid you're not going to like it or don't like the commitment it brings, I have great news for you!
My solution for you is: hair chalk. Hair chalk pastels only stay in your hair until you wash it, it is very simple, easy and doesn't ruin your hair in any way.

I bought these pastels on ebay and I'm anxiously waiting for them to arrive. Do you want me to do a tutorial in how you use it and the results? Tell me in the comments.
Also tell me if you love this "trend" or are you sick of it? And if you love, which color do you want to dye your hair? :)

xx MJ


  1. I would love to see how the work :) xx

  2. It´s agreat idea! I love pink and blue! <3<3

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  3. Would love to see how it works!! Great idea :-)


  4. Yes big fan of dip dyed hair!!


    Pirate Hart

  5. Not sick of it! I so love pink (and lavender)! I have some temporary dye, but never used the chalk yet... Make sure to post pics of yours!!


  6. would love to see it!
    follow each other?

  7. Very inspiring post and blog! You got yourself a new follower :) Would you mind checking out our blog & following back via GFC and Bloglovin'? Let me know!

  8. totally lovin the hair color and dye!!
    wld love for you to visit my blog..and follow maybe?

  9. great idea ! <3
    can we follow each other?
    i promise i'll follow you back

  10. Great idea! My real hair is way too short for this but maybe next time I get a weave installed, I'll try the hair chalk

    A Blog by Oroma Roxella Rukevwe.

  11. great idea, love your post!

    how about following each other? :)

  12. Woww great idea! I want to try light dip dye. Thanks! :)

  13. geez thank s for visiting my blog =) want to follow each other?
    I'm also planning to dye my hair but don;t really know what color would look great on my. i was thinking to setlle on dark brown

  14. I love bold dip dyed hair!

    Have the loveliest day,

  15. Love the ombre hair !!
    I am going to dye mine blue. Soon.

  16. I dyed my tips purple in easter 2011 and then again in August last year. Only used semi permanent though so it washed out after about 5/6 weeks :) Really want to try it again! Aha


  17. following back :)

  18. such a great idea and totally commitment free!

    BreezeyBee Blog

  19. 1st - i loved your blog!

    2nd - i already did it last summer in pink! i dyed it with stargazer dyes. They last about one week and don't damage the hair ^^ now that i had a hair cut i think i am going to do it again! Because i have dark hair, i needed to do a discoloration to the tips first and only then dye it with another color or else it on't stick to the hair. From what i have heard, chalk only works well on blonde hair.

    i am following you! loved your blog! :)

  20. Great tip with the chalk :) New to me.


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