5 June 2013

Top: New Look
Skirt: Forever 21
Sandals: Zara
Sunglasses: Flea Market
Necklace: Ebay
Bracelet: c/o EfoxCity

Yeaiii, summer break, I'm so excited!! The weather right now is amazing, but not for long (sad sad sad face) I don't know what's wrong but it's hot for a couple of days and suddenly the temperature goes down like crazy. I want hot weather please!! Moving on to the outfit, I'm completely in love with this crop top and skirt so I had to put them together, what do you think? Let me know. :)

xx MJ

Sneak Peek: Bohemian

4 June 2013

I'm back, I'm so sorry for the lack of posts, but I really needed to study, now I'm free (well I started working but hopefuly I'll be able to give my blog all the attention I planned!)
I'm really excited for you to see this look, I really like it. Come back tomorrow to see the whole outfit! :D

xx MJ

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