Denim Lover

27 February 2013

Shirt: Local Store (A Rose Is a Rose) | Cardigan: Suiteblanco | Boots: H&M | Rings: Asos

I'm back with OOTD, finally! I feel so bad for not posting outfits of the day. I didn't even have time for checking out other blogs, hated last week, seriously. 
About this look, I just love denim over denim and I was planning this outfit for a long time, glad I finally did it! :D
Hope you like it.

xx MJ

Street Style: Olsen Twins

25 February 2013

You got to love Olsen Twins' style, it's amazing, real fashion icons! I'm completely obsessed with their styles.

Last week was insane, I was back in university and I got a lot of assignments and it was crazy, I wasn't expecting to be so hard so I didn't prepare posts in advance, I'm sorry but I'm back! :D
I have a Botany test tomorrow, if you follow me on twitter you already know how much I hate plants. Wish me luck! :)

xx MJ

Night Out Outfits Ideas

20 February 2013

This post is for those people who never know what to dress when they're going out, I'm going to show you 3 ways to look amazing while going out! :D

Little Black Dress

'Cause you can never go wrong with a little black dress, this one is for special events or if you're feeling like dressing up. Btw, I love these heels!

Shine Bright

If you love to follow trends this look is for you! Rock this metallic skirt while dancing! :D


If you are a jeans kind of girl this is perfect for you, high waisted jeans, crop top and a fur coat, I love this look, it's so chic. :)

Sorry for the lack of posts but this lasts days have been crazy, I'm back to university and the 2nd semester started with group works and assignments, it's really hard but I'm adapting. Next week the blog will be back to the normal. I don't know if I'm going to be able to post a OOTD this week but I'll try. :)

xx MJ

Street Style: Victoria Beckam

18 February 2013

I love love love her style! Always wearing the latest trends and rocking them, she's a fashion queen! 

Don't you love her style? :D

xx MJ

My experience with: Hair Chalk

16 February 2013

This is great if you want to see how you look with your hair dyed with no commitment at all.
This didn't go very well for me because I didn't untangle my hair first and while your are using the chalk your hair tangles A LOT! So I'm going to give you a few tips and I'm sure it's gonna go the way you want it to go.

  1. Untangle your hair really really well before you do anything else;
  2. Divide your hair in 4 to 6 parts (depending how long your hair is);
  3. Use bobby pins instead of hair elastics, this way the chalk can dye the whole chosen area of your hair;
  4. Untangle your hair throughout the procedure.
Now the important part, how to really do it!

First you're going to need:

  • Hair Chalk
  • Hair Dryer
  • I used hair elastics but I recomend bobby pins
  • Comb
  • Water

  1. Divide your hair in 6 parts (I did 2 but I missed a lot of hair because of this).

2. Wet your hair (do each part of your hair at a time)

3. With your hair wet the chalk will dye your hair

As you can see here I missed a few parts of the hair.

4. Dry your hair with the dryer.

Tanaaaaa! It's done, as you can see here, my hair was a mess because I didn't untangle it during the procedure. After this I washed it and the all chalk came off instantly (with water only).

Even though this didn't work out perfectly I still think this is a great way to temporarily dye your hair. And if you follow the tips I'm pretty sure it will work out just fine. If you can ask a friend to do it even better. :)

Hope you liked it.

xx MJ

Edgy geek

14 February 2013

Beanie: H&M | Sweater: Missguided | Leggings: Zara | Boots: Stradivarius

I love this outfit so much, I had so much fun shooting this, don't look at my face too much, ahah, I was doing stupid faces! Love the geek sweater. :)

Did you like the look? :)
Happy Valentine's Day, hope you have fun. If you don't have a valentine (like me, cof cof) you can always eat nutella while watching a chick flick, it's very soothing!

xx MJ

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